Chakwera to travel to Botswana


President Lazarus Chakwera will travel to Botswana this week where he will attend the SADC Extraordinary Organ Troika Summit.

The SADC Extraordinary Organ Troika Summit Plus Troop Contributing Countries (TCC), the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Republic of Mozambique is scheduled to take place on Friday in Gaborone, Botswana.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says details of the presidential trip will be announced later.

Chakwera who was elected president in June has already undertaken five other foreign trips.

The Malawi leader has so far been to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa.

His trip to South Africa turned out to be controversial as members of Chakwera’s entourage were searched by South African military police before they boarded the chartered plane to Malawi on November 13.

The South African police were apparently looking for Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and wife Mary Bushiri who fled the Rainbow Nation around the same time Chakwera visited South Africa.

They suspected that Bushiri and wife were being smuggled out of South Africa using Chakwera’s plane since the couple had gone missing hours before Chakwera’s scheduled departure.

The South African government later released a statement saying the Bushiri’s did not ride the Malawi leader’s plane.


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