Chakwera warns ministers over reforms

President Lazarus Chakwera has told cabinet ministers that they will be evaluated next year based in part on implementation of reforms and Malawians cannot keep ministers who are not interested in implementing the Tonse Alliance reforms agenda.

Minister Nancy Tembo signing the contract

The Malawi leader made the remarks today when he presided over the signing ceremony of Reforms Performance Contracts for public sector institutions.

He said there is dysfunction in the public sector and the blame for these belongs to all people in the country hence the responsibility to fix the public sector also falls on everyone.

“The place to start is with those of us who have accepted to lead the change, so we have come here to pledge ourselves not only to implement and enforce the reforms Malawians want but to also live by them.

Ministers Eisenhower Mkaka and Sidik Mia during the event

“These are not mere documents that will be allowed to gather dust, I want members of my cabinet to know that the terms of these contracts will form part of your evaluation in the first quarter of next year. Malawians have no appetite for keeping government officials who have no interest in effecting our reforms agenda,” he said.

The Malawi leader also spoke about the importance of reforming the public sector saying the current resistance to reforms is depriving women of opportunities, farmers of affordable inputs, youth of jobs and students of quality of education.

He noted that elections in Malawi do not produce a change of governance because the public service is unresponsive to the will of the people and the state machinery is filled with people who continue to do things as usual.

He then warned civil servants that it is unacceptable for them to continue doing things as before and to continue letting corruption flourish when Malawians voted for a president and vice president who promised to end the vice.