Breaking: Fugitive Bushiri to hand himself today

Shepherd Bushiri fugitive money laundering

Fugitive Shepherd Bushiri will this mornint hand himself over to the Malawi police as he prepares to mount a gallant fight against his extradition to South Africa where he is wanted for fraud, theft and money laundering, the Malawi law enforcers have confirmed.

Reports quoting police officers privy to the case indicate that 15 police officers went to nab him last night at his Area 43 residence.

However, the officers did not find the controversial prophet who has previously been accused of rape. Major 1 had already fled.

Malawi has also confirmed receiving a warrant of arrest for the fugitive prophet together with his wife and his alleged partner-in-crime, fugitive Mary Bushiri.

Unverified reports indicate that the wanted couple were in hiding at their cottage in Mangochi. Bushiri’s whereabouts in the country remain a mystery.

Bushiri’s escape has created a diplomatic stand-off between South Africa and Malawi.

Some South African politicians and media outlets have alleged that the fugitive was smuggled out of South Africa to Malawi using President Lazarus Chakwera chartered jet.

During a special Parliamentary Hearing session on how the prophet-on-the-run left their country, some politicians in South Africa claimed that fugitive Bushiri financed Chakwera’s presidential campaign.

Malawi is yet to comment on the matter.

But some believe that the fugitive received a tip-off to leave his Area 43 residence from either government officials or the police based on a good working relationship Major 1 has with the Malawi police.

He has previously hired several police officers to provide him with presidential like security detail during his crusades in Malawi.

Malawi24 understands that Bushiri left South Africa following legal advice from some of his lawyers that the extradition is a lengthy process which could buy him time to lead a free life out of prison.

Legally, the courts in Malawi might back his claims against extradition.

The thriller continues with a spine tingling and breathtaking phase.