Gwamba backs brother in-law, fugitive Bushiri

Blood is indeed thicker than water. Award winning musician Gwamba says he is standing in solidarity with his sister Mary Bushiri and her husband, fugitive Shepherd Bushiri, who are wanted in South Africa for fraud and money laundering of about K5 billion.

In his Facebook post, the rapper claims the Bushiris’ return to Malawi is on security grounds. As such, they are justified to sneak into Malawi which is against bail conditions set by the South African court. In strengthening his claims, Gwamba reveals that several murder attempts have been made on his in-law.

“Do you know how many murder attempts the prophet has survived? He reported to the police and what did they do? NOTHING! Do you know that he had to send his children to Malawi back in 2018 because he was getting threats? Are you going to let your envy ignore all this information? Do you know that he laid charges against officers that arrested him, before they arrested him? Are you going to ignore that? Reads his post in partial

“To cut a long story short, I 100% stand firmly with the decision they made to come to Malawi.”

Furthermore, the gospel musician argues that the Bushiri’s are innocent as evidenced by the state’s failure to provide evidence. He believes his sister and her husband are being targeted because they are wealthy foreigners.

His words have sparked debate among social media users.

“Then tell your sister and her husband to go back and prove their innocence. Don’t run away to Malawi involving us in unnecessary diplomatic standoff in the process. This country is bigger than your family issues. Whatever business it is that you people do [shouldn’t] be our business,” commented Hewlett Sim T.

On the contrary Shushu Rams commented: “Well said my brother, it was wise for them to go to Malawi. We as sons and daughters we will travel to Malawi.”

The self-proclaimed prophet sneaked into Malawi in the company of his wife last week. Information regarding his entry into the country remains sketchy.