Anglican Church members accuse Bishop Malasa of being a womaniser


By Synd Kalimbuka

Anglican Church priests and members in the diocese of Upper Shire say they have tangible evidence that Bishop Brighton Malasa has been having sexual affairs with women in the church.

Speaking during a press briefing held at St George Anglican church in Zomba Wednesday, Chairperson for the petitioners John Awadi said their fellow priest Clement Matewere is one of the victims as his wife has been in love affair with Bishop Malasa.

Bishop Bright Malasa
Bishop Malasa

“Our new evidence is the letter in which Fr. Clement Matewere wrote addressed to Bishop Malasa demanding the return of the Chasuble where he collected at his house when he was meeting his wife,” said Awadi.

Concurring with Awadi, Fr Dyson Chombo said the letter which Fr Matewere wrote show that his wife Alice and Bishop Malasa admitted that there is sexual relationship between the two.

“The evidence we have in possession through the letter by our fellow priest indicates that Malasa is an adulterous man,” added Fr. Chombo.

According to Awadi, Malasa’s sexual immorality has damaged the image of Anglican church and has gone against the laws of the church canon and Acts of the dioceses hence they are calling for his immediate resignation.

“This is the evidence that we, the petitioners, have been saying that bishop Malasa is a womaniser,” he said.

The leader of ‘Malasa must go group’ further said the letter by Fr. Matewere is another evidence for the removal of the Bishop saying they are following procedures as advised by Archbishop of the Central Province Albert Chama.

When contacted, the bishop’s number was out of reach.

Meanwhile, the group of petitioners have claimed that Archbishop Albert Chama has not been responding to their petitions several times and they believe that he is in good relationship with Malasa.

Bishop Malasa has also been accused of mismanagement of diocesan funds.

The church members are waiting with keen interest the audit report which is expected to be presented soon on how the money both from donors and Christians have been used before under leadership of Malasa.

According to the petitioners, almost 75 of all churches in the diocese support the demand for the resignation of the church leader.

Petitioners have since threatened to hold demonstrations to force Malasa to step down.