Chakwera says men should stop urinating anywhere


President Lazarus Chakwera has called on men in the country to stop urinating anywhere, saying the habit of urinating on buildings or trees leads to foul smells in residential areas.

Speaking when he launched the National Clean-up Day in Lilongwe on Wednesday, Chakwera said there is need for mindset change in order to keep surroundings clean and to conserve the environment.

Chakwera during a clean-up exercise at Chinsapo

“Some men also have the habit of urinating on walls of building or on trees leading to foul smell in our residential areas. This lack of care for our surroundings needs to stop. There is need for mindset change and for everyone to take responsibility,” said Chakwera.

According to Chakwera, over the past 26 years people in the country have been dumping trash including plastics in rivers and on the streets.

The Malawi condemned companies which pollute rivers by dumping industrial waste into the rivers.

Chakwera also demanded car owners to stop using vehicles which are not fit for the road, saying old vehicles are an environmental hazard.

He then emphasized on the need for the country to focus on recycling trash in order to create products such as fertilizer which in the end can help to create jobs.

The Malawi advised people in the country that it is everyone’s responsibility to conserve the environment and keep surroundings clean.

Chakwera declared that the second Friday of every month should be a national clean-up day where Malawians, for three hours in the afternoon, will be taking part in cleaning exercises. He said he will be participating in activities for the day whenever he is free.

Speaking earlier, Minister of Forestry and Natural Resources Nancy Tembo urged chiefs and Members of Parliament to ensure that people in the country are participating in the clean-up day.

“We need to plant trees, remove trash from the streets, clean our surroundings, and to stop dumping diapers anywhere,” said Tembo.