By-election candidates warned against campaigning during church services

Campaign period for the November 10 by-elections ends tomorrow and the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has warned candidates against using church services for campaign.

In a statement on Thursday, MEC Chief Elections Officer Sam Alfandika said the campaign period ends at 6.00AM.

He reminded candidates   that it is a violation of the law to campaign outside this period and all those found guilty will face the due process of law.

Alfandika added that after the deadline, no one will be allowed to go around soliciting, canvassing, posturing for votes, directly or indirectly.


” Since the campaign period closes in the morning, those planning for campaign rallies should plan to end before 6AM on 8th November, 2020. Candidates and their supporters or agents will not be allowed to campaign or drive around hooting or with loud speakers playing campaign songs or any messages after the deadline.

“Leaders of various faiths should be on the guard because their worship services can be used for campaign,” said Alfandika.

He added that candidates that are sponsoring football trophies, conducting charity works, distributing relief items or providing community services are advised to wind up before the end of campaign.

He then said that no one will be allowed to hold a prize presentation for a competition or conduct public handover ceremony after close of campaign period.

Alfandika also warned media houses against carrying campaign messages for candidates.