Man rapes chicken


Police in Blantyre are hunting for a man who raped a chicken to death on Tuesday.

According to a South Lunzu police report, the incident occurred at Machinjili Area 10 in the district and the suspect has only been identified as Dengadenga.

The owner of the chicken told police that he is a farmer and has a number of chickens at his house.

On Tuesday, the farmer left his house at around 0600 hrs for maize planting at his field. Whilst there, at around 1100hrs he received a call that he should report home.

Upon arriving home he was told by his daughter that he found the suspect in one of the rooms with his penis out of his trousers whilst holding the chicken which was dead.

The chicken was laying eggs in the room. Upon noticing that he was seen, the suspect threw the dead chicken out through the window.

The suspect got arrested but as they were preparing to take him to police, the suspect ran away.

He is still at large but efforts are underway to trace and arrest him so that the law takes its course.

The farmer has since buried the chicken as it was fast decomposing.


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