Employees ask Government to rescue AHL

Workers at AHL Group of companies have asked Government to bail out the company so that the workers should receive their salaries.

One of the AHL employees who works at the head office in Lilongwe  told Malawi24 that they are yet to receive their October salaries.

“We have not yet received the October Salaries and the management told us to calm down and wait. Last month we also received late with no proper reason.

“We are asking Government to rescue us as we are suffering, our families are starving, our school kids are back due to school fees, so let the Tonse Government intervene and help us,” he said.

At Limbe Auction Floors which is owned by AHL Group, workers have been staging a sit-in as they are demanding their salaries.

Meanwhile, management has called representatives from Mzuzu, Lilongwe Chinkhoma and Limbe to a board meeting which will take place today at head office in Lilongwe.

In August, the company sent three quarters of its permanent workers on leave in order to cut costs..

AHL Group owns Agriculture Trading Company (ATC), Commodity Exchange, IC Tech, Steel and Chemicals and Tobacco Investment Limited (TIL).

In September, the company said subsidiary companies are supposed to be making salary contributions to the parent company but this was not happening due to under-performance hence the parent company was forced to provide salaries for the entire group.

“In addition, tobacco volumes for the 2020 season dropped significantly to the extent that management has had to look for other means to sustain various business activities,” said AHL Group’s administration executive LK Gomani.