From Sand to Rain Music Festival



The fairy tale of the much touted Sand Music Festival which is currently underway in the Lakeshore district of Salima took an ugly twist as rains disrupted the event, damaging equipment and delaying performances.

The flood gates of heaven were fully opened on Saturday as it rained cats and dogs leading to disruption of proceedings.

The rains rendered the sound system unusable, a development that brought the happening to a halt.

The weather condition forced organisers to change the performance schedule. This means international headliners Diamond Platinumz from Tanzania and South Africa’s Master KG failed to perform on Saturday.

As if that is not enough, there were chaos earlier in the day when international headliners were taking their time to get on stage. Patrons threw empty bottles on stage in expression of their anger.

The festival before the rains

According to the event organiser Lucius Banda, there were a lot of factors which delayed big name performances.

This year’s edition was tipped to be special owing to it’s 10th birthday. However, some patrons have still spoken highly of the event despite the destructions.