Chakwera urges Judges to reject corruption


President Lazarus Chakwera has urged Judges to refrain from corruption and to resist forces that work to frustrate justice.

He was speaking during the swearing in ceremony for four new Supreme Court Justices of Appeal and 12 High Court Judges in Lilongwe on Thursday.

Chakwera said it is the task of the judges to repair the broken legs of the sacred table of justice. According to Chakwera, one of the four legs which the table stands on is courage.

He noted that it takes uncommon courage to resist forces that work to frustrate, obstruct and subvert justice.

“There is a great danger inherent in serving as a justice of the High Court and Supreme Court and you must not allow yourself to be intimidated or corrupted, you must stand your ground and fight the good fight,”

Another leg of justice Chakwera mentioned is truth which he said is often obscured by lies, innuendos and errors in testimonies and evidence.

The third leg is peace as courts exist to resolve disputed and prevent people from employing violent means in dispute resolution.

“Those who sit on the bench must be men and women who do not only love public peace but also hate all open and secret enemies of that peace,” said Chakwera.

The Malawi leader also urged the judges to study the law so that their knowledge of the law must be the best in the land.

He added: “I count it as a great honour to employ you to attend to these four legs so that the table justice which God invites us to feast with him may remain an upright one in this whole land.”

The appointment of the judges was announced on Monday but it is effective October 20.

The four new Justices of Appeal in the Supreme Court of Malawi are Justices Healy Potani, Ivy Kamanga, John Katsala and Charles Mkandawire.

The 12 new judges include Agnes Patemba, Violet Chipao, Mzondi Mvula, Charlotte Wezi Malonda, Justus Asante Kishindo and Anneline Kanthambi.

Other are Vikochi Chima, Simeon Mdeza, Masauko Timothy Msungama, William Yakuwawa Msiska, Maureen Kondowe and Mandala Mambulasa.