Breaking: Bushiri to spend 4 more nights in custody

The Pretoria Magistrate has rolled over hearing for controversial Prophet Shepherd  Bushiri bail application to Friday.

The Magistrate presiding over the case at the Pretoria Magistrate Court could not commit to tomorrow, Wednesday or Thursday.

The case will resume on Friday morning.

Bushiri and his wife Prophetess Mary Bushiri were arrested on Tuesday for fraud and money laundering of about K5 billion.

Other accused persons in the case include Willah Mudolo and his wife Zethu Mudolo who co-own a company called Rising Estate which is alleged to have been used as a conduit for fraud and money laundering by Shepherd Bushiri and wife.

In her application for bail, Zethu Mudolo said she is breastfeeding a 9-month old baby and also claimed that she was arrested while breastfeeding her daughter.

Mudolo further denied being involved in fraud and money laundering, saying she is a housewife and unemployed.

During Monday’s hearing, state advocate Anneline van den Heever asked for the matter to be adjourned to tomorrow but the magistrate said another hearing could only be held on Tuesday.

Supporters of Bushiri, who leads the Enlightened Christian Gathering, on Monday also gathered at the Pretoria Magistrate Court where they prayed for their spiritual parents – Bushiri and his wife.

The magistrate, however, expressed concern over the gathering saying the people were not following Coronavirus prevention measures.