Bishop Malasa threatens to close Anglican schools over Hijab saga


By Synd Kalimbuka

Bishop Brighton Vital Malasa of Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire has threatened to close all Anglican schools in the diocese if people continue to threaten diocesan priests and teachers over the prohibition of hijabs in Anglican schools.

Malasa made the remarks during St Luke’s Day celebration at ST Luke’s college of nursing in Zomba on Wednesday.

The bishop said he is very much concerned with the current situation where fellow priests, teachers and leaders being threatened every day following the issue in which Islamic faith has been putting pressure on Christian schools to allow wearing of Hijab.

He said previously the Anglican schools had been allowing learners from all denominations as soon as they fulfill the requirements adding that the requirement is to put on the legitimate business uniform that is accepted.

Bishop Malasa said he is now wondering to see some of the Sheiks, who have previously gone through such Christian schools and followed what was there, putting pressure on what the church does not allow.

“This pressure has reached an extent of threatening priests and teachers from our schools which is something that is destroying peace in the country,” said Bishop Malasa.

He added that as a Christian church that believes in promotion of peace among people they save, they are not happy with the current situation.

“The Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire has made a stand that should this kind of threats continue, we think for the sake of peace we may just close our schools,” he added.

The Anglican leader said this will negatively affect the learners who go to these schools but will lead to government intervention on the matter.

However, Malasa told people that the church is currently discussing with different stakeholders including Public Affairs Committee (PAC), Association for Christian Educators in Malawi (ACEM) and Malawi Council of Churches (MCC).

When contacted to comment on what they are doing to bring peace on the matter, officials from Muslim Association of Malawi refused to comment saying only PAC is at a better position to say something.