Poly students need K165 million for fees

University of Malawi

Polytechnic students have launched a campaign to persuade government, the private sector and well-wishers to assist over 1000 students with about K165 million for fees.

The students are using #Help_Poly_Needy_Students and #education_for_tonse for their campaign.

President of the college’s students union, Kunozga Mlowoka, said the students are being denied access to their examination results due to fees balance.

The Polytechnic management earlier warned the students that those who fail to pay the fees will be forced to withdrawal and repeat the class the following academic year.

Social media activist Onjezani Kenani, who has used social media to raise funds for people in need on several occasions, has joined the campaign.

Kenani has expressed concern that the future of the 1,021 Polytechnic students hangs in the balance as they need about K165 million for fees.

In a letter to President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, Kenani said the management of The Polytechnic has refused to let the students know results of their exams due to failure to pay fees.

“Sir, this is a crisis of unimaginable proportions. I urge you to do all you can to intervene. I know it is possible, Sir. We cannot afford, as a nation, to have 1,000 young men and women lose their place in college due to lack of funds,” said Kenani.

He has also urged banks to assist the students as part of corporate social responsibility.

“I kindly ask you to weigh in on this and bail the students out. I am happy to coordinate on behalf of all the students, together with the Dean of Students at The Polytechnic. Your contribution will be widely acknowledged,” said Kenani in a letter to banks.