49 students suspended at Chiradzulu TTC


Chiradzulu Teacher Training College has suspended 49 students and has fined them K16,000 each for conducting demonstrations over the death of their fellow student.

On 20 September this year, a student at the campus died upon arrival at the hospital after the management delayed to provide transport for him to access medical attention.

The death angered the students and they held the demonstrations.

One of the students who has also been suspended said that after the demonstrations the management called about 50 students for hearing.

“After the demonstrations the management called all those who demonstrated, and today the management made its final decision where 47 students have been suspended for two weeks and two have been suspended indefinitely,” he said.

According to a suspension letter for one student signed by deputy principal Mike Mulumbe, the students were found guilty of defiance of authority and being involved in riots.

Mulumbe said that the student will be required to pay K15,900 for repairs when returning to the school after the suspension period.

He added that the final decision on the future of the student will be made by the Ministry of Education.

Meanwhile, some of concerned students have described the punishment as inhumane.

According to the students, the demonstrations were justified as the college failed to justify why it failed to provide transport in time for the student who died.

The student also told Malawi24 that during the demonstrations students they did not destroy anything at the campus as they only closed the main entrance.