Four arrested for vandalizing police unit in Mponela


Four people have been arrested at Mponela in Dowa on suspicion that they were involved in vandalising Bowe Police Unit in an attempt to attack a suspect who was in the police cell.

The vandalism suspects were arrested on October 17, 2020 and they been identified as Yosofati Mtsitsa aged 32 and Isaac Mtsitsa aged 27 both from Magweru Village as well as Wilson Leonard, 27, from Nsangu Village and Patrick Chikakuda 33, from Mgabiza village T/A Chakhaza in the District.

Mponela police deputy publicist Macpatson Msadala confirmed and said that it is on record that on October 5, 2020 community members at Bowe Trading Centre apprehended a habitual criminal Patrick Eneya aged 26, on allegations that he stole a motorcycle. He was handed over to the police.

“The following morning, news broke out that Eneya was in police cells and this prompted the irate residents in the surrounding villages to storm the police facility baying for his blood”

“The angry residents  pelted stones and extensively  damaged  the police facility,” said Msadala.

Meanwhile, it  is believed that the  arrested four were amongst the vandals.

The Commissioner responsible for Central East Police Region Happy Mkandawire on 0ctober 8, 2020 during an emergency meeting at Bowe Trading Centre assured the people that despite the damage to the police facility, police services will not be interrupted in any way.

He further advised the people in the area to always engage contact and dialogue when they are aggrieved with services from the police.

The suspects will appear before Mponela first grade magistrate court soon to answer charges of malicious damage.
The Police expect to make more arrests in connection to the vandalism.