Zomba District Council revenue collection improves

Synd Kalimbuka

As councils in the country are struggling to collect revenues, Zomba District Council has a different story to tell on the same.

According to District Commissioner for Zomba District Council Dr. Smart Gwedemula, the council has managed to increase its revenue by 22% over the past 12 months.

“This increase in revenue collection from our markets is coming because of team working and also we intensified local revenue campaign where ward councillors and members of secretariat are involved,” said Gwedemula.

The Commissioner added that the increase in revenue collection has assisted the council to clear salary arrears for its direct employees.

“Previously, the council owed seven-month salary arrears for direct employees which we have managed to reduce it to two months by October, 2020,” he said.

He added that the council is also using the revenue to provide good infrastructure in the district. The council is also constructing Bwaila lodge and rehabilitating Kachulu rest house.

He said the two projects will add value to the revenue collection of the council once they are finished.

Gwedemula advised other councils to think outside the box by being creative to find other means of mobilising council resources.

Concurring with the district Commissioner, Desk Officer for the revenue collection at the council Elias Kudambo said good leadership at the council has led to the increased revenue collection.

Kudambo said the leadership of the council is able to make use of advice by others hence this improvement.

He added that some markets like Songani were previously collecting K40, 000 per week which has now increased to K100, 000 per week because of the targets allocated to each market as well as joint supervision.

According to Kudambo, Jali market has been the best because it has increased its revenues than any other market in the district.

He further added that the council is expecting to introduce E-ticketing services in selected markets to simplify the system saying this will also boost in the collection of the revenue.

One of the direct employees at the council Geoffrey Kapenuka said the financial situation is better as they are able to receive their salaries monthly.