Over 700 returnees arrive from South Africa


Over 700 self-repatriated Malawians who were living in South Africa arrived in the country on Thursday.

The returnees, who included 426 men, 313 women and 120 children under the age of five, arrived through Mwanza Border at around 6pm. They boarded 14 buses.

Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) in collaboration with various government agencies and humanitarian partners, facilitated the arrival and reception of the 739 Malawians.

Upon arrival, the returnees underwent health, security and immigration screening and were provided with basic needs such as food and sanitary materials.

Over 9 thousand Malawians have been repatriated from South Africa since April this year. Most of the returnees are fleeing the negative effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

South Africa has registered over 698,000 Coronavirus cases and more than 18,300 deaths while Malawi has recorded 5,836 cases and 181 deaths.