Dr Lazarus Chakwera’s and ‘Tonse Alliance’ 100 Days: Was it ITSANANA or IT’S A NO NO

Lazarus Chakwera

It is usually said in other quarters that first impressions last. Some experts say it takes between 5 to 15 seconds for someone to form a first impression about a person.

A good number of those who have analysed the 100 days of Tonse Alliance under MCP’s Lazarus Chakwera are only sympathizers and belong to the same camp and they sugar-coated the 100 days nicely and leaving out a good number of issues that have happened under our eyes.

My analysis is not something you have not experienced, seen, heard and touched.

We were all awake when MCP and Tonse Alliance team were decampaining DPP and Peter Mutharika as President.

We have been awake during the first 100 days of MCP led government under Chakwera’s leadership.

Saulos Chilima is part of this government and they are all answerable and accountable to us as Malawians and they will pay for the cost sooner or later.

In this analysis, I am not going to leave any stone unturned unless I disremember anything;

1. Independence Celebrations waste of resources;

Poor decision making started on 5th July, 2020, when Independence celebrations were cancelledat11th Hour. When taken to task by Journalists, he said he had decided to cancel the celebrations slated for 6th July, 2020 due to a surge in covid 19 Cases.

The celebrations were to be held at Bingu National Stadium which would attract masses of people from Lilongwe and other parts of Malawi. Most people had already arrived in Lilongwe, money was spent on those decorating the stage, on musicians, food and beverages and staff working at the stadium and other advance party teams.

He indicated that he would redirect resources meant for the celebrations towards the fight against Covid 19 pandemic. A follow-up question was to know how much was budgeted for and how much had been saved. He simply said he would come back to report on the same because his government is transparent. This has not happened 100 days down the line. The government has to come out clear on how much of our tax payers money was spent and where did the rest of the money go.

2. Cabinet of Central Region and Cronies- Regionalism, Nepotism and Tribalism at play;

President Chakwera has appointed his cabinet to appease his loyalists, financiers and favorite Family members.  President Chakwera and his Vice President Chilima took a bit of time to appoint their Tonse Cabinet. Many people were anxiously waiting and were expecting that they would see a very powerful, well represented, balanced cabinet.

The nation was shocked when the cabinet was released. 4 Women Ministers, 7 deputies were appointed in a 30 member cabinet increasing with 10 compared to the DPP’s cabinet. It was also observed that when MCP was in opposition, used to complain of a blotted cabinet of the DPP.

Political commenters such as Professor Danwood Chirwa, a Law expert said that the cabinet did not tally with Chakwera and Chilima’s pre-election promises.

For example he has appointed ministers and deputies the following families as follows;

a) Sidiq Mia as Minister of Transport and His wife Abida as Deputy Minister of lands.

b) Ken Kandodo as new Labour Minister and his Sister Khumbize as Minister of Health.

c) Gospel Kadzako and his sister in-law Agness Nkusa Nkhoma as minister of Information and deputy Minister of Agriculture respectively.

d) Over 70 of the Cabinet is from Central region alone most of which are from Chewa Tribe…Chewa Belt. 80% of cabinet ministers from central region actually come from Lilongwe, Dowa and Kasungu.

e) Mordecai Msiska had to refuse to be rewarded a ministerial position for fear of putting his reputation in jeopardy

The MCP, UTM and Tonse Alliance vehemently accused DPP of nepotism, tribalism and regionalism which they could not prove but the Tonse Alliance under MCP is the worst of all because they have demonstrated that they are more nepostic, tribalistic, regionalistic including cronyism, Chakwera tried to sugar coat it with his merit rhetoric when queried by Malawians even within MCP. It is merit when they practice nepotism and nepotism when it’s by others.

3. Universal Subsidy rhetoric;

During Presidential debate in 2019 as well as during campaign trail both for Fresh Presidential election as well as Tripartite Elections, Chakwera and his Tonse bandwagon kept shooting the DPP’s fertilizer subsidy programme as not helpful for Malawians.

He promised Malawians that MCP will introduce Universal subsidy programme and the price of fertilizer for all will be at K4, 900.00. After cheating the people in the campaign trail, MCP and Tonse Alliance have changed the tune and they are using the same DPP subsidy and it’s not Universal subsidy at all, meaning the rest of Malawians who are not going to be on the list will have to dig deeper into their pockets to buy a 50kg bag of fertilizer at an average price of K23, 000.00. The subsidy is only targeting 4.2 million out of 18 million people not everyone as promised. Just an increase in the number of recipients but not universal.

4. No Passport fee cut to MWK14,000.00;

Tonse Alliance especially Chakwera and Chilima promised Malawians that passports would be obtained at MWK14, 000.00 from the current price of MWK48, 000.00. The reality of the matter is that this was a total lie just to amass votes from unsuspecting Malawians to put them in government.

5. Kabaza Chair Murdered in Lilongwe;

This is typical MCP style of leadership. Unknown thugs believed to be MCP reinstated Malawi Young Pioneer or youth league abducted and killed Thokozani Kambalame, Chairperson of Kabaza  Operators on 6th September 2020.

Three suspected killers were dropped in unregistered Nissan X-trail asking the unsuspecting Kambalame to ferry them to Malingunde where they killed him in the process. The Kabaza Operators were demonstrating against Chakwera’s leadership for killing small and medium businesses. Kambalame led his fellow Operators to Zodiak while chanting “Chakwera achokee! Adad abwerere”.

6. Covid 19 Public lies by Joyce Banda, Chakwera and Chilima;

Joyce Banda and Chilima supported by Chakwera repeatedly said that there were ‘no Covid 19 cases’ in Malawi and that the DPP led government was lying to the people about its existence. Joyce Banda said this during rallies like in NkhataBay together with Lazarus Chakwera.

The consequences of their reckless and irresponsible remarks were felt later when they lost some of their members. UTM Administrative secretary, Bessie Sambo for instance died of COVID 19, some MCP doctors, MPs and professors died and some of them were Daudi Suleman who were diagnosed with Corona Virus.

Saulos Chilima at Njamba Freedom Park publicly said there was no corona Virus in Malawi then because he had not seen people dying till he lost his own Administrative Secretary later. They only started telling people the truth about the existence of Corona Virus because they got what they wanted, power.

7. Selective justice in arresting people and ignoring cash gate master minders;

It is so obvious that the Tonse Alliance government is on a Crackdown campaign against all people deemed DPP. The government is recklessly arresting people without charging them.

A case in point is Norman Chisale former Presidential aide to Professor Mutharika who has been arrested and rearrested on several occasions for different cases for more than 4 times in a roll and had been denied bail and had been put in jail for over 30 days.

Gerald Viola, Mera PRO, Patrick Maulidi, and MERA CEO Collins Magalasi, Chingwalungwalu, Hon. Henry Mussa just to mention but a few were arrested and some of them without charges.

In the same vein, this government is ignoring corrupt cases allegedly perpetrated by Joyce Banda, the sale of Jet when she was in power between 2012-2014.

The gutting down of ESCOM headquarters, Ralf Kasambara who is supposed to be serving jail term for Cash Gate case and for conspiracy to assassinate Mpwiyo for the same, Patricial, Kaliati, Masangwi, Ngalande for various cases including corruption.

The recent murder case of the Kabaza Chairperson in Lilongwe and many more cases that have been committed between 23rd June 2020 to date.

8. Four useless international trips to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Tanzania;

In the midst of Corona Virus and economic woes, the president has already travelled to 4 countries within 100 days at an average of 25 days apart. This is against what this fallen pastor used to preach each time Former President Mutharika travelled outside the country for important events such the United Nations General Assembly in New York, USA. In fact, Mutharika was not for foreign trips.

Chakwera would oppose those visits vehemently. For Malawi’s sake what is the president going to learn from Zimbabwe for instance. He has not yet visited the Southern Region, Eastern, Northern region to see how people are suffering with his very bad policies yet he decides to visit neighboring countries where he goes to lay wreaths and conduct his wife’s birthday at Livinstonia Falls in Zimbabwe for instance.

9. Harsh eviction of Vendors in our major cities;

Despite the nation grappling with the impact of Covid 19 Pandemic, Dr. Chakwera decided to harshly evict Vendors from the streets of Blantyre and Lilongwe among others in the name of rule of Law. He values the Law above people’s livelihoods.

The drawback is that he does not provide alternative solutions when doing this. For instance, after harshly evicting Vendors from the streets in Limbe, he tells them to go and clear bushes along a river to settle their. The area is swampy and it is yet to be seen if this is a conducive environment for traders to do business.

10. Mahatma Gandhi Stature transferred to Lilongwe;

After bitterly opposing the erection of the same around Ginnery Corner close to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre during the DPP reign, the stature has now happily been erected in Lilongwe without problems.

The reasons given then was that why should we honor leaders who have no connection to the history and struggle for independence of this country instead of honoring Malawians who fought for the freedom of this country. People are now wondering what has changed about that today. Was it out of mere jealousy for the DPP’s government? Why Lilongwe now and not Blantyre? Your guess is as good as mine.

11. Plans to relocate Immigration Headquarters and other Govt. Institutions to Lilongwe;

MCP’s Chakwera has sinister plans to economically kill other regions by relocating some government institutions to Lilongwe. For instance, he has already registered his plans to relocate Immigration Headquarters, MBC, Netball Stadium and other government institutions to Lilongwe.

The truth of the matter is that Chakwera and MCP have nothing to do with other regions. I am not a prophet but mark my words Chakwera will develop Lilongwe beyond recognition in the next five years at the expense of other districts and regions. He doesn’t care believe you me!!!

12. K1.6 Billion deal awarded to the Guptas of Zambia; 
Grandview International of Zambia was awarded a contract by Ministry of Health under Chakweras’ government to supply 35 Toyota Cruiser Ambulances to Malawi’s Ministry of Health when Toyota Malawi and other two local suppliers offered lower quotations in the tender.
The company pegged each ambulance at US$63,000.00 (about K47 million while the cheapest offer was from Toyota Malawi at US$47,000.00 which translated to K1.2 million for 35. It was revealed that Grandview International reached out to some MCP officials in government to palm oil them for the deal. This is under investigation by ACB hence plans to removal Mr.  Reneck Matemba from the bureau.
13. Parastatal board members dominated by MCP and Central Region;
Chakwera appointed over 400 new board members for 67 parastatals effective September 23, 2020 which has attracted mixed reactions. Out of the 400 plus members only 19 come from UTM. Most of which are based in areas where their parastatals are based except for those headed by MCP operatives.
 For Instance, Reverend Kachipapa of Nkhoma Synod is the board member of MBC who will be required to travel to Blantyre on duty while others will not be required to travel distances. This has a bearing on their allowances. This has been done deliberately to suffocate UTM and silence it and empower MCP operatives in the next five years. Most of the members are from central region as well. The MCP officials from the Eastern Region have been sidelined completely and this was their last hope after being left out in the cold when Chakwera was appointing his people in other various positions such as cabinet.
14. Firing of civil servants from other regions and hiring retirees;
One of the things that has demonstrated poor decision making skills by Chakwera is the hiring of retirees and firing of civil servants from other regions without following the law.
Centre for Democracy and Economic Development initiatives CDEDI expressed reservations over the move by President Chakwera to recall retired civil servants amid high unemployment rate especially among the youth. Some of the retired officers who have been hired are Minister of Finance, Mulusu and General Nundwe and some Principal Secretaries. In the process Chakwera is busy creating unemployment to a lot of civil servants who are being fired and getting arrested.
A lot of young people who patronized demonstrations in 2019 and 2020 fighting for their place in a democratic society are now at bay wondering how on earth Chakwera could hire people who already made their contributions in this country and leaving out the youth after being used, abused and promised Canaan.
What about the creation of one million jobs? The fact of the matter is that they were used and are dumped outright, no two ways about it.
15. Police headquarters now occupied by 99% Chewa people and a few from North;
Chakwera ordered inspector General of Police to transfer every police officer from Southern, Eastern and partly Northern Regions to outer stations away from Area 30 Police Headquarters so that they can be free to do their things without other tribes.
As we communicate, the Malawi Police Headquarters which was already dominated by Chewa people is now over 95% full of people from the central region, from the Chewa Belt including the IG.
16. MRA Roza Mbirizi case goes cold and MCP cover;
To date there is a mist of shrouds surrounding Roza Mbirizi’s case in which she is accused of taking part in facilitating the importation of cement using  Professor Peter Mutharika’s Taxpayers Identification Number(Tpin) duty free. It was later revealed that some MCP officials also had their party materials crossed the boarders without paying duty hence uncertainly of the case.
The arrest was allegedly influenced by some Tonse Alliance Officials.  Some scornfully said it is Joyce Banda kind of decision making employed by Chakwera in office where at the end of the day, the Tonse Alliance government will have to compensate all people who have been wrongfully arrested in the last 100 days using billions of taxpayers’ money.
17. Unjustified Nsundwe compensations and nothing for MCP, UTM and HRDC demo victims whose shops where looted and Imedi;
Tonse Alliance Court ordered Chakwera’s government to compensate Nsundwe women even before the case is concluded. The fact of the matter the nation has not been told as whether the women were indeed raped or not. Most of us are not aware of anything surrounding the case. Was this proven beyond reasonable doubts.
If it true that the women were indeed raped it is very unfortunate. This cannot be condoned and should condemned in strongest terms and the women deserve to be compensated.  In the same vein, the nation has the right to seek justice for the murder of the police officer, Imedi who was killed while on duty during the same time at Nsundwe.
18. Constituency Houses Project scam for MPs, MCP offices;
The construction of Houses for MPs in every constituency is one of the decisions that have shocked that nation. This has exposed Chakwera’s lack of decision making.  I don’t think this has been extracted from the MCP Manifesto.
Chakwera has been saying police officers don’t have good houses and that his government would build good ones form them. He gets into government he is doing what he did not promise and this is not in his manifesto I believe.
The fact of the matter is that these are going to be MCP houses that would be used to ensure their presence is felt in every constituency. MPs stand for a 5 year term and most of them would not be reelected.  For what purpose will government build these houses? Is he excited or what?
19. Court Awards MCP and UTM K7 billion in legal Fees; 
Court Gate scam
MCP, HRDC and UTM together with the Tonse Alliance team, protested against K600 million legal fees to hire Lawyers from South Africa by MEC saying it was too high and disservice to  taxpayers only to confuse people when they came up with unjustifiable figure of K7 billion for themselves.
Does this tell you something? Seven billion can build 400 primary schools across the country, you know? These people are looting using means to justify the looting right in front of our noses. In 100 days they are already billionaires and this is mind blowing. Why are we quite then? If this was awarded to DPP is could have a name trending on social and traditional media forums as “Court Gate”. This scam is happening and they are getting away with. I believe this money will be paid without our knowledge. I bet you!!!
20. MCP Inspecting of projects left behind by DPP;
Chakwera, Chilima and Tonse Alliance were busy castigating DPP government for not developing this nation.
But all they can do now is to tour development projects sites in progress left by DPP regime. A case in point is the Area 18 Interchange Road in Lilongwe which is one of the projects that Chakwera could not avoid but to go, inspect and officially opening it. 100 days down the line Chakwera has not unveiled his development plans for this nation yet.
21. Nyasa BB and Wonderers Stadia projects stall;
Chakwera and his Tonse Alliance vehemently opposed the construction of Nyasa Big Bullets and Mighty Wonderers stadia in Blantyre during their campaign Trail.
However, the first thing Minister of Sports, Ulemu Msungama did was to go and inspect the progress on the sites and then later said they are not in their plans and interest. This is a confused band wagon who have no idea about running government.
22. State House full of relatives and children never demo youth;
Chakwera has appointed his relations to work at State House leaving out those capable young people who were used to patronize demonstrations in the streets for over a year.
Instead he has appointed his son in-law Sean Kampondeni, her daughter in-law Rudo Mkukupa Chakwera, his son Pastor Nick Chakwera and some Gule wamKulu performers from Kasiya among the many relatives he has appointed to work in government as well as State house.
When queried over this, he said he is appointing people on merit. Has the definition of nepotism and merit changed now because it’s Chakwera doing it?
This is hypocrisy of the highest order because Chakwera was in the forefront critising Mutharika’s government as nepotistic and tribalistic. What can you say this is?  Is this merit now?  Open your eyes Malawians.
23. MBC not changed, MCP now dominating news;
Just observe how many Ministers’ stories come into MBC News and you tell me what has changed so far. The only change I can attest to is that it’s no longer DPP but MCP stories dominating the News.
Those in support of the current regime say things have changed for the better because DPP is nowhere to be seen on MBC.
They are doing exactly what happens with MBC by all governing parties such UDF 2004-2004, DPP 2004 -2012, PP 2012-2014 and MCP 1964-1994 and now its back to the vicious circle. This is what they initiated and know best.
They are sidelining some officers working at MBC deemed DPP and promoting their MCP or Tonse operatives today and tomorrow it will be the same for todays victims. Tell me what difference does this make to what they were complaining about.
24. Salima-Lilongwe Water Project in progress despite trying to stop the same when MCP was outside government; 
You may recall how MCP’s Chakwera, UTM and Tonse Alliance vehemently protested against the Salima-Lilongwe Water Project.
Their argument was why the contract was awarded to Simbi of Khato Civils. They even went to court to get injunction to stop the project from taking off.
Today as we speak, they are proceeding with Simbi with the contract and settling the case out of court where Simbi at once point was suing DPP regime for tyring to terminate the contract with him.
25. Salima Company and Tonse Alliance corruption scandal;
Alliance for Democracy (Aford) member for Mzimba North legislator Yeremiah Chihana insisted that some MCP and Tonse Alliance cabinet ministers received bribes from a Malawian of Asian Descent.
This is not being investigated at all. 100 days in government corruption is already rampant and Chilima is there just observing because he is part of this government and he is embarrassed to start talking about it now. Please say something now or forever remain silent.
26. Weekly Brief empty and rhetoric;
No one is interest to listen to a president on weekly basis. What people are looking for is universal subsidy, permanent Driving licenses, K14, 000.00 reduced passport fees, introduction of development projects in their areas not weekly rhetoric on MBC and other MBCs.
27. Executive arrogance by President and Gospel Kadzako;
It has been observed that the tone that this government has taken is militant. Chakwera is slowly showing executive arrogance against people who seek answers for his actions. For instance, when queried about nepotism, corruption, cronyism, regionalism, tribalism in parliament he said don’t dare to talk about this because that’s what was happening so don’t complain.
He refused reconstitute parastatals which he was blamed for not being compliant with Gender Equality Act if not less than 40% and not more than 60% of either sex in public service. But out of 54 completely filled boards, only 11 complied representing 20.37%complies with the law. He did not accept to reconstitute, he thinks his decision is final leaving even most of his supporters with mouths wide open.
When he was asked about women representation in parastals he said, I don’t know if there are capable women out there to appoint them in various positions.
The same arrogance has been imparted into government spokesperson, Gospel Kazako whose torn is unfriendly, cross and harsh to civil Servants, spitting fire and threatening people around in the process of executing his duties.
28. Cabinet performance rating poor;
I would rate this government 2% so far till Chakwera brings the promised Canaan to the people of Malawi.
Tonse Alliance is digressing from its own promises and is busy doing the opposite. Whatever is in their manifesto is foreign to themselves now. We were listening to you keenly and now that you are in government you are exposed in just 100 days and there is a long way to go.
29. Job creation responsibility shifted to people themselves;
On job creation there is a lot of contradictions to what Chakwera and Chilima promised.  Chlima promised to get K40 billion fund to spur job creation of 1 million jobs per year and 5 million within five years at many rallies one of which was at Ntcheu Secondary School in 2018.
This means that Tonse Alliance promised to create about 83 thousand jobs a month and 1 million jobs a year. What we have witnessed so far is that unemployment has increased through firing of people in the civil service, destroying small and medium businesses in the private sector in our major cities and towns.
30. Kudya Katatu against failed universal subsidy and harsh eviction of vendors and unemployment;
Malawians are now sure that there is nothing like Universal Fertilizer Subsidy. The eviction of vendors in our major cities and willy nilly firing of many civil servants and lack of vision for this nation will many not able to eat three times a day.
Kudya katatu has already proven to be an insult to Malawians because in the first place many people were able to afford over three meals a day under the DPP regime. Today, Chakwera is saying each one of you should work hard and don’t expect handouts from Tonse Alliance in his American Nigga accent.
31. University fees still the same;
There nothing to service that promise to students in our public universities who will continue to pay high school fees even under this government because they only said things in public without consulting relevant authorities who could tell them why tuition fees were like that. Students were taken up by these lies and gave support. Now they have to fend for themselves.
32. No salary increment for civil servants;
It is a straight forward fact that there is no salary increment in the Tonse budget 3 months after attaining power.
There is no hope in sight for junior staff in government soon. Let’s wait and see. Pity for civil servants who thought they would enjoy good life under this government. You are rest assured that we will together brace for hard times to come, 2025 is about 5 years to go.
33. Salary delays for September 2020;
Already most members of staff in many Parastatals have been notified that salaries for October will delay. By giving individual members of staff letters of notification, it means they have to come to terms if they don’t even get their salaries in October. Go and ask members of Staff at ADMARC, they are already suffering. Some of them thought they were punishing DPP government and its supporters.
34. Women still dancing at Presidential functions;
This was going to be one of the simplest things to accomplish even on the first day of your rule. But 100 days down the line women are still dancing whenever Chakwera comes out of State House to conduct a presidential function.
They were making a lot of noise about women dancing during Presidentail function when they were not on the throne. Chilima would be heard saying, they would not allow women to dance for them. Who are these people dancing now? Are they not women?  Nothing is done to stop them now. Was it to impress Malawians that you are going to do things differently? Is it hard just to tell them to stop dancing for you in your weekly brief Mr. President? 100 days was more enough Sir to do some these things.
35. Insufficient Covid 19 PPE in public hospitals;
Hospital staff has been grappling with the pandemic. During the campaign trail they claimed DPP regime received a lot of money for Covid 19 which was not there according to Joyce Banda, Chakwera and Chilima.
Today Tonse Alliance is failing to provide sufficient PPE to health staff in public hospitals. Where is the money now you were talking about? Is it not in your hands We thank God Covid 19 cases are slowing down, otherwise it was going to be total quagmire and Armageddon.
36. Banning Kaunjika importation;
In July 2020, Chakwera issued a ban of importation of second hand clothes called Kaunjika into Malawi for reasons of encouraging local manufacturing.
Now think about all those people who were trading Kaunjika and low income customers who were able to afford decent clothes through Kaunjika. Where are the companies that will satisfy the local demand? Does the President have advisors? You are actually killing people through these tough policies you are imposing on Malawians. The drawback is that most of these Kaunjika sellers voted for you and they didn’t see this coming at all.
37. Chakwera planning to fire ACB Boss over Mukuzi’s case;
Chakwera through some legal experts are planning to have Reneck Matemba fired simply because of being honesty with Muluzi’s case when he said it is unprosecutable because he did not commit the said crime according to his investigations.
38. MEDF changed and politicized;
Harry Mkandawire who is the MCP Regional Governor for North openly said that MEDF loans are for MCP, not for other party members including UTM, DPP, Aford and ordinary Malawians who don’t belong to any political party. Chakwera and team demonized DPP for the same when in actuall sense Professor Mutharika used to say this loan is for all Malawians. He never said it was only for DPP members. They beat anyone trying to access the loan then and made sure people hated the fund. Now they have changed the name of MEDF to something new why?.
39. Prices of goods going up; 
Prices of essential commodities such as soap, sugar, bread, cement and other are being hiked silently without acknowledging Malawians.
Life is becoming unbearable now than under DPP especially for the poor. Most people are already confessing that Malawi was better under DPP Mutharika than Chakwera. Though it’s too early but first 100 days is crucial for takeoff for any party in government and for the people to discern their destiny.
40. MHRC cried foul over poor funding; 
In this years’ budget Malawi Human Rights Commission budget was reduced. The commission cried foul over this. But ironically, under DPP there were sufficiently funded though this could not be appreciated.
41. Teachers denied risk allowances despite promising them heaven on earth;
It is now an open secret that Tonse Alliance led by Chakwera is very arrogant to its people. Most teachers were promised Canaan after being cheated outright that things are going to improve for them under Chakwera.
100 days down the line there is no salary increment for teachers and other civil servants and despite reopening of schools few weeks ago; they were even denied any risk allowance by Chakwera.
When they insisted to have risk allowance given to them, they were told in the face that those who would defy this order would be fired.
Today they are in class working under same conditions like soldiers, health workers including those in the Presidential Task force for Covid 19 who get allowances each time they attend a meeting.
I hope teachers have learnt a bitter lesson this time around. The going will be tougher than this because Tonse Alliance believes in toughness to get things done. That’s how they found themselves in government and they will continue in that path till you believe why some did not vote for MCP and Tonse destroyers.
42. Unconstitutional dismissal and appointments of civil servants;
A good number Principal Secretaries, Directors and other civil servants have been fired from government despite AG Silungwe warning government of the repercussions.
But Chakwera and his supporters think they can use power to fire people willy nilly without paying the cost.
Most of the civil servants who are on contract will get their perks up to the end of their contract. Permanent staff will also get their perks up to the day they would have retired.
Most civil servants being appointed are from the Chewa belt, Central region with Lilongwe dominating. Very few are from other regions.
43. Introducing and pushing for Abortion Bill in parliament; 
Chakwera is pursuing legalizing abortion against the outcry from various social groups including the church which was also behind his ascension to power.
As a former Pastor it was expected of him to be in the forefront in discouraging this barbaric law to kill unborn children.
Mutharika could not support such kind of bills as if he was the Pastor himself. Ironically this is happening under Reverend Chakwera’s rule.
I believe, sooner or later we will be introduced to same sex bill and the way I see this pastor, he will be in the forefront because when reminded that once a pastor always a pastor, he arrogantly says Ndikupanga za dziko tsopano, I am dealing with issue of the nation.
If I am not mistaken, I believe he has fallen from Grace. I don’t know what those vocal Pastors, the Kawalala’s of this world, Priests Prophets are saying to the people of Malawi. You will equally be answerable before God, all of you!!
44. Hiring of corrupt staff such as Brian Banda;
Brian Banda was suspended and later resigned over corruption from Times Group for trying to swindle some money from an International organization.
 It is alleged that he was also involved in the infamous cash gate scandal where he also walked away with a fortune in excess of Millions during Joyce Banda reign.
At one point during Joyce Banda’s regime he pocketed money amounting to K20 million meant for journalists. Brian  Banda met the journalists at Mt. Soche and just bought Nsima and ndiwo for them while others were just spoiled with beer and he kept the rest for himself and today he is at State House. When Joyce Banda was enquiring of the money, some journalists who were approached denied receiving any money from Brian Banda. Joyce Banda was trying to buy the media to be on her side. This can also be investigated.
45. TNM data not yet reduced;
This government cheated Malawians through its spokesperson Gospel Kazako who happens to be Minister of Information when he ordered TNM to reduce the cost of Data.
 Nothing has happened so far, Data cost was never reduced and Malawians are accusing Chakwera and TNM for deceiving them.
46. No free Water connection;
Malawians were also deceived that water connection would be free. Nothing of that sought has happened 100 days down the line. The fact of the matter is that this is not doable not in the near future if not for the next five years as the boards have obligations to meet their own maintenance and operation cost. Most parastatals are encouraged to be self-suntanned by breaking even or make profit to run their cost of the institutions and become independent.
47. No free Electricity connection;
Chakwer and Tonse Allaince promised Malawians free Electricity connection.  Just like water boards, ESCOM has similar obligations to ensure that they make profit in order to keep supplying electricity to most Malawians. The number of clients applying for electricity connections is increasing by day. They have to buy electricity from EGENCO. 100 days is over and this has not taken place and Malawians are beggining to wonder if these will happen at all.
48. Reduction of Presidential powers rhetoric;
Chakwera uses his American Nigga English speaking prowess to convince people that he is doing something. He talks of reducing presidential powers all the time while he is busy abusing the same by appointing CEOs and other civil servants like at MRA without the board in place. He will probably reduce the powers when he is done with it. But we have witnessed abuse of Presidential Powers in the last 100 days in many different ways. Parliament has met atleast twice in his reign, but has been a daily song with few dunderheads clapping to rhetoric.
49. Indecisiveness of Chakwera and Tonse Alliance Leaders;
Chakwera’s leadership has been characterized by lies, indecisiveness, violence, atrocities against those holding dissenting views.
In 100 days we have already witnessed death of people, threats against civil servants, unconstitutional firing and hiring of civil servants, executive arrogance in the way Chakwera respond to demands from people among other. We are yet to see more in the next five years.
50. Duty Free Week;
Malawians have not forgotten.