Parliament adjourned due to dry taps


The August House has adjourned early today due to water challenges at the Parliament Building.

Members of Parliament voted to suspend proceedings early after the Deputy Speaker Madalitso Kazombo put the question to them after 12 noon.

Since morning, Members of Parliament were complaining that they were failing to use the rest rooms because the restrooms were in bad condition due to water challenges.

Kazombo earlier told the houses that some water pipes outside the Parliament building have been blocked and the Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) was working on the issue.

He urged members to continue with the proceeding as the issue was being resolved.

But after consultations, Kazombo said the water challenges would not be resolved in good time hence the decision to adjourn to Wednesday morning.

On Tuesday, the legislators were discussing budgetary allocations to government ministries, departments and agencies vote by vote.

On Wednesday, proceedings were expected to resume at 2PM but the legislators have agreed to start sitting at 9:30AM in order to get a holiday on Friday.