Activists tell Chakwera to respect Constitution


Rights activists on Friday demanded President Dr Lazarus Chakwera to respect the country’s Constitution and the Gender Equality Act.

Project officer for Youth and Society (YAS) Mwandida Theu made the remarks during the Mzuzu demonstrations under the banner “No to discrimination against women in public appointment, Yes to Gender equality and rule of law.”

The protesters were demanding increased representation of women in the parastatal boards.

“Our demand to Government is that they should respect our constitution because if you are the President then you should be abiding to constitution.

“So we are calling the President Chakwera to respect the Constitution and Gender Equality Act which clearly states that women should also participate in decision making structures. We ask Malawi Human rights commission to accelerate the enforcement of the Gender Equality Act and also call upon Development Partners to act because it’s not like they should stay quiet, they should also understand the cause and talk to the Government,” said Theu.

She added that youth are not benefiting with the Government as people who are appointed in position now are not youth and she asked President Chakwera and Tonse Government to consider youths in various positions.

On her part, Jennipher Mkandawire of Foundation for Children’s Rights said women are also humans like men and they deserve to be recognized equally.

YAS director Charles Kajoloweka who refused to take up a position as a board member, and HRDC Chairperson North Happy Mhango also participated in the protests.

Similar demonstrations were also held in Blantyre and Lilongwe.