Minister Mkaka accuses Dikshit of engineering his firing from FMB


Minister of Foreign Affairs Eisenhower Mkaka has accused his former boss Dheeraj Dikshit of engineering his removal from First Merchant Bank (now First Capital Bank- FCB ) because he was fighting for the rights of Malawians.

Mkaka worked as Senior Business Development Manager for FCB when it was First Merchant Bank and was fired in 2012 together with 17 others. Fourteen of the fired people including Mkaka took legal action for unfair dismissal and the Industrial Relations Court ordered the company to compensate them. The employees also won the case when it was taken to the Supreme Court.

Now, FCB has announced that Dikshit will leave the bank at the end of October as he has decided not to renew his contract.

Commenting on Dikshit’s departure, Mkaka who is Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Lazarus Chakwera administration did not provide a glowing account of his time under Dikshit.

“This man hated me with passion for being viewed as direct competition and engineered my being kicked out of First Merchant Bank (now First Capita Bank)! He did it without mercy! The only sin I committed was defending the rights of local (Malawian) workers and, of course, he didn’t like sharp minds around that would challenge his thinking,” said Mkaka.

Dikshit joined the bank in 2011 as the Managing Director for First Capital Bank Malawi and was promoted to Group Managing Director in December 2017.

Dikshit: Leaving FCB

According to Group Board Chairman Terence Davidson, milestones under Dikshit’s tenure with the group include the acquisition of the International Commercial Bank’s operations in Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia in 2013, acquisition of the Opportunity International Bank Malawi in June 2017, listing of FMBCH on the Malawi Stock Exchange, acquisition of 81% shareholding in the holding company of Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe in December 2017.

Meanwhile, the bank has appointed Mr. Mahendra Gursahani, who is currently a non-executive director of FMBCH, to assume the role of Interim Group Managing Director with effect from 1 November 2020 until a substantive leader is appointed.



  1. From Corporate to national political situations. This is what is called experience.

  2. Bwana just concentrate on your ministerial duties. This will hit back on you politically. Dont play with the amwenye effect

  3. The name say it all “Dikshit” omg… has the ministerial position of Hon. Mkaka influenced Mr Shit`s decison to leave or retire.

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