Community gets borehole after decades without potable water

Karonga Central parliamentary aspirant Frank Tumpale Mwenifumbo hashanded over a borehole to people of Chiwondo area in Traditional Authority Kyungu who have been without potable water for years.

The communities that will benefit from the water point are from Group Village Headman Kishombe whose residents for decades have been using water from the Chiwondo lagoon which posed the communities a risk of contracting waterborne diseases.

Speaking in an interview after handing over the borehole which has been valued at over K1 million, Mwenifumbo who is also aspiring candidate for UTM Party in the 10th of November Parliamentary polls, said it was sad to learn people of the area were travelling up to 4 kilometres to access clean water a development which prompted him to drill a borehole in the area.

“It was sad to note despite potable water being a basic human need these communities have had no access to clean and potable water for decades hence my assistance,” he lamented.

He added that the borehole that he has provided will uplift the villagers lives since they will no longer travel long distances to fetch water thus use the time to participate in developmental activities.

Mwenifumbo therefore appealed to the beneficiaries of the water point to take care of the borehole so as to serve its intended purpose.

Group Village Headman Kishombe, said people of his area have been facing water challenges for years hence hailed the installation of the borehole in the area.

“We used to face a lot of challenges because we did not have access to reliable sources of water and as a result of this we used to get ill due to the unclean water,” he explained.

One of the beneficiaries Anne Mwenelupembe, said she was grateful with the initiative as they will no longer be drawing water from unprotected sources such as a lagoon.

She said the provision of the borehole will greatly improve their lives as a result family will be having enough time to concentrate on developmental activities rather than travelling long distances in the hunt for clean water.