Dedza police deploy officers to Thuma forest amid boundary row

Dedza police have deployed police officers to Thuma Forest to ensure that people around the forest are living in peace amid a row over boundary of the forest.

This follows a clash between the communities surrounding Thuma forest and forest staff over the issues relating to boundary of the forest and the surrounding villages.

On 29 September, 2020, communities from five villages around the forest rose against Nanthowa village resulted into demolishing and torching of over 10 houses which had led the whole Nanthowa village to be homeless.

Dedza Police Deputy Publicist Cassim Manda said the police officers have been deployed to the area in order to protect people’s lives and their property.

Nancy Tembo speaking to villagers

On Wednesday, Minister of Forest and Natural Resources Nancy Tembo went to the area where she expressed concern over the continued conflict.

She said a team from the ministry will visit the area to show the villagers the main boundary to avoid trespassing.