Covid-19 enumerators complain over pay


Enumerators hired by Ministry of Finance to conduct survey on Covid-19 Urban Cash Intervention (CUCI) have complained that they have not been paid their money.

The project is funded by Deutsche Gasellschaft fur International GIZ.

Malawi24 understands that in the contract the enumerators were supposed to receive in advance the money for 7 days but officials from the ministry have been changing the dates, verbally defying what is in the contract.

The enumerators were supposed to get paid K3,000 from 24 September to 03 October and another K3,000 from 04 October to 14 October.

Speaking in an interview, one of the concerned enumerators said they were cheated on what they signed and their lives have been affected by this as they are now surviving on mercy of others.

He continued to say that it is sad that they are living in a rented house in towns and they use transport to conduct the surveys and they need to buy airtime but the ministry is not committed to addressing their grievances.

On Wednesday, according to one of the enumerators, ministry officials brought more papers for them to sign again without proper explanation even though they are remaining with seven days to complete the survey.

The enumerator also claimed that he has been receiving threats through calls from people who have been telling him to shut up his mouth or else he will face unspecified consequences.

Efforts to get the side of the ministry proved futile.