Chakwera ditches mask in Tanzania

 …Expert says Malawi leader should be quarantined upon return

President Lazarus Chakwera did not wear a mask upon arrival in Tanzania on Wednesday and an epidemics expert says the Malawi leader should be quarantined when he returns to Malawi in accordance with his own government’s Coronavirus rules.

Chakwera (C) and Vice President Chilima before departure

Chakwera travelled to Tanzania on Wednesday and when was leaving Malawi in the morning, the Malawi leader wore a mask.

Upon arrival in Tanzania, he met Tanzania’s president John Pombe Magufuli but the Malawi had ditched his mask.

Chakwera (L) and Magufuli

Pictures shared by the Malawi Government show Chakwera and Magufuli walking together and in other instances chatting without wearing masks.

First Lady Monica Chakwera was also pictured with a group of Malawians living in Tanzania and no one wore a mask

During his trips to Zambia and Zimbabwe last month as well as to Mozambique yesterday Chakwera wore a mask.

Malawians on social media have said that Chakwera’s decision not to wear a face mask in Tanzania is in line with Magufuli’s stand on the Coronavirus pandemic.

Magufuli declared in June that Tanzania had eliminated the Coronavirus pandemic. He also claimed that reports about a health crisis in Tanzania were exaggerated and he commended people for not wearing masks.

No mask: Madame Monica Chakwera with a group of Malawians in Tanzania

However, local epidemics specialist Titus Divala has argued that the Malawi president should have protected himself by wearing a mask despite Magufuli’s stand.

According to Divala, Chakwera will need undergo quarantine upon his return to Malawi in line with the country’s protocols for travelers.

Tanzania last reported Coronavirus data in April when there were 509 cases and 29 deaths. As of today, Malawi has recorded a total of 5803 cases, 180 deaths and 4575 recoveries.



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