I don’t know capable women or where to find them to appoint – Chakwera


Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera has made a shocking revelation that he has not been appointing women because he is unaware of capable women or where to find them. He has thus asked Malawians to give him a list of capable women that he can appoint.

Chakwera made the remarks today following clear evidence that pins him as failing to meet the gender representation as required by the law.

The Malawi leader’s cabinet has only three women who are full cabinet ministers while the boards he recently appointed has a few women.

During the event marking 100 days of Tonse Alliance today, a journalist said Chakwera has lost an opportunity to set the tone on promoting gender equality during his appointment of ministers and parastatals boards.

Chakwera in his response argued that legal instruments that determine composition of some boards hindered him from filling some boards with women.

According to Chakwera, some boards require people with specific academic qualifications or professional experience and if he does not know women with such attributes it is difficult for the women to be included.

“Even the women who are fighting for gender equality, they should give me a list of names of women who qualify for some boards so that I should be informed. But you can’t put a woman in a board for the Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority when she does not have the necessary qualifications,” said Chakwera.

He, however, admitted that he has not done enough as president in empowering women and that there is more needed to be done.

Chakwera then pleaded for patience saying he need more than 100 days of his five-year term to make an impact in gender equality.

“Not everything done in a 100 days means it should define your president for the rest of your term because you can change your course and make an impact,” said Chakwera.