Chakwera and Chilima are colleagues in development, there is no rift – Usi

UTM Party Vice President Michael Usi has warned people to stop peddling lies that there is a huge rift between the country’s President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima, saying those propagating those lies are political amateurs and enemies of development.

Usi who is also Minister of Tourism, Culture and Wildlife made the remarks at Chinsogholo ground at Lupembe in Karonga Central Constituency on Sunday during the campaign launch for the party’s candidate in the by-election slated for November 10.

Said Usi: “You see, Malawi is tired of political violence, hate speeches and lies. What we want now is development and we cannot achieve meaningful development if we are not united. And the emphasis is on the cordial relationship that is there between our President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and his vice Dr. Saulos Chilima that they are colleagues in development, they are in harmony.

Chakwera and Chilima are colleagues in development, there is no rift – Usi

“Therefore, there should not be anybody coming here to say anything negative about out two leaders. We are a nation and we should be seen moving together, whether one belongs to UTM party or MCP or any other party, that does not matter, people should dwell their campaign on ideologies and not hate speech or what we think is competitive advantage based on lies. So, I am talking about peace, I am talking about coexistence.”

Usi further asked his party supporters to desist from political violence, saying this is not time for the dark ages but time for light in order for the country to develop through what he said an experienced Frank Mwenifumbo.

“You cannot question experience. That is why I came to garner support for our candidate because he has demonstrated that he knows how to play his game and he will hit the ground running to develop Karonga Central,” Usi said.

Taking her turn, the party’s secretary general Patricia Kaliati said her party is founded on four values of love, respect, peace and unity that it cannot stoop so low to propagate lies, incite political violence or use foul vocabulary during campaign to demean anyone.

“As a party, we will not hit back at those using foul language against us, neither will we fight back. Let us hit back on November 10 through the ballot so that we should have functional health services in the constituency and have three meals a day. And for that to happen, vote for Frank Mwenifumbo,” Kaliati said.

On his part, Mwenifumbo patted himself on the back, saying during his time as the area’s Parliamentarian he initiated a number of developments such as electricity in all trading centres and potable water through boreholes whose figure rose from 50 in 1999 to what he said is now a boastful figure on the data index of the whole Malawi.

He said: “When I joined politics in 1999, the constituency had no health centre. During my tenure as a Parliamentarian, I have brought four health centres of Katili, Mlare, Mwenilondo and Lupembe because at a time I became an MP, Lupembe health centre was closed.”

The campaign launch was graced by among others, regional governor for the north Moses Malunga, deputy publicity secretary Chrissie Kanyasho, Nancy Mdooko, director of research and strategic planning Norman Nyirenda, deputy campaign director Mwakwenda Chunga, regional director of women Bridget Nkhoma and a number of Members of Parliament.