Nankhumwa fired from DPP

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has fired Vice President for the South Kondwani Nankhumwa.

DPP has also expelled secretary general Grezeldar Jeffrey, treasure general Jappie Mhango and Mulanje legislator Yusuf Nthenda.

The decision has been made at a DPP Central meeting held at party leader Peter Mutharika’s residence in Mangochi today.

According to reports, Nankhumwa has been fired for indiscipline in relation to Thursday’s election for Leader of Opposition.

Jeffrey and Mhango have been removed for presiding over the elections while Nthenda has been fired for opposing the party’s stand on election of Leader of Opposition.

Meanwhile, the DPP has appointed Samuel Tembenu as Secretary General while Joseph Mwanamvekha has been appointed Vice President for the South.

There are divisions in the DPP over the appointment of Leader of Opposition.

On Monday this week, Mutharika appointed Nsanje Central Legislator Francis Kasaila as Leader of Opposition but DPP MPs protested the appointment saying legislators are the ones who are supposed to elect the Leader of Opposition.

The DPP Members of Parliament then elected Nankhumwa as Leader of Opposition during elections held on Thursday.