MRA says Mzuzu man committed customs offences


The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) says the importer whose dead body was taken to Mzuzu MRA offices on Thursday committed customs offences hence his goods were seized but they have since been released.

The importer is Denis Katsache who presented himself to MRA as Wakisa Mwenefumbo.

According to MRA, Katsache imported a truck full of beverages through Songwe Border Station in Karonga and submitted a declaration that he was importing 500 cases of Embe Drink in respect of which he paid Customs duty amounting to K2, 755,011.90.

However, upon being intercepted by the Authority’s Flexible Anti-Smuggled Team (FAST), it was discovered that the importer had committed two Customs offences

One offence was misclassification since the goods in the truck were Azam Energy Drink and not Embe Drink as declared. Azam Energy Drink attracts 20 percent Import Excise and the recalculated duty was more than the amount earlier paid.

The other offence was under-declaration since physical examination found that the truck had 300 more cases of the energy drink than the declared quantity of 500 cases.

The importer accepted the offences and was making arrangements to pay the duty and penalty thereof.

However, he passed on while staying at one of the lodges in Mzuzu.

In the morning of Thursday, 24th of September, 2020 some traders and members of the deceased family invaded MRA offices in Mzuzu.

They alleged that Katsache died because of the seizure that MRA had issued in respect of the goods.

They also took his casket to MRA offices in Mzuzu demanding the revenue collector to pay back K3 million which the relatives claimed Katsache had given to an MRA officer.

The relatives also demanded MRA to release goods belonging to Katsache.

The Authority has since released the goods pending further engagement with his family and traders on the matter.

Meanwhile, MRA has expressed commitment to further engage the traders in order to enhance understanding of Customs work and improve our working relationship.