Legalizing abortion will attract curses to Malawi – claims NGO


Peace and development advocating non-governmental organization, People’s Federation on Peace and Development (PEFENAP), has claimed that legalizing abortion will attract curses to the country.

This is according to PEFENAP Executive Director Edward Chaka who in an interview with this publication said abortion is total killing hence no need to legalize it for the betterment of the country.

Chaka said PEFENAP is in support of the decision settled by the general synod of the CCAP, Episcopal Conference of Malawi, the Health Equity Network, and the Faith community which are against legalization of abortion in Malawi.

He said Malawi as a God fearing country should not support all laws that are pushed in pursuit of initiating citizens, families, communities and the country as a whole to “serve the devil” claiming everyone is entitled to enjoy the inherent freedoms and right to life.

According to Chaka, the impact of legalizing abortion remains committing one sin after another pregnancy causative sin and distancing Malawi from God thus leading to one pandemic after another.

“Legalizing Abortion Bill will attract curses to the President, Cabinet Ministers, Parliamentarians, Church Leaders; it will even affect and or undermine the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.

“All in all it shall have negative impact on Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and the Environment. God’s laws remain supreme forever. Killing itself is punishable by God’s law.” Said Chaka.

Chaka further added that Malawi subscribes to the global major laws which despite being adhered to by the government, they all fall under GODs laws and there is no need to deliberately abandon the laws.

He has since urged lawmakers to vehemently deny passing the bill saying only a lawmaker who does not know GOD will support the bill.

“Malawi Parliament since independence does not harbor irrational Parliamentarians. PEFENAP prayer remains that lawmakers should choose and invest in blessings than curses.” He added.