Fired White says politicians will not change Malawi’s destiny


Former Chief Director for Public Sector Reforms Seodi White says politicians cannot change the destiny of this country.

White who was removed from the public sector reforms on Wednesday said her biggest takeaway from the role is that the civil service, and not politicians, is a critical change agent for Malawi.

In a video shared on social media, White said people wrongly believe that politicians will change the destiny of this country.

According to White, the destiny of each country is as effective as its civil service hence it is important to work closely with more expectations from the civil services.

“I know politics is sexy, it looks great when people are campaigning but when politicians enter the government machinery they are dependent on the civil service to deliver the promises and if the civil service is not responsive or is having problems to deliver that, the country will not prosper,” said White.

White was appointed as Chief Director of Reforms by former Head of State Peter Mutharika.

On her firing, she said government is a revolving door where people enter do their jobs and exit.

“I am glad it is coming to an end at this time because there is a danger of overstaying in government and then you become just government,” she said.

In her role, White was a technical lead on change management and during her time the public sector reforms department created the Malawi Public Sector Reforms Policy.

It also formulated the Public Service Management Policy and the draft Public Service bill in order to ensure better performance, better accountability and more efficiency and effectiveness.

Minister of Information Gospel Kazako said White has been fired because her recruitment was not done in accordance with the law.

Director of Information in the Ministry of Information Mzati Nkolokosa and his deputy Deogratias Mmana have also been fired for similar reasons.



  1. Seodi White is right about the civil service, and not the politicians, being the agent of change in a country.

    Politicians who capture the civil servants to use to benefit their political party cripple the civil service and striffle development.

    Sad that Seodi, who is a capable person, was appointed unlawfully by such a politician.

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