DPP says Nankhumwa defied Mutharika

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has ordered its Vice President Kondwani Nankhumwa to appear before a disciplinary committee for undermining the authority of party leader Peter Mutharika.

In a letter to Nankhumwa on September 10, chairperson of the DPP disciplinary committee Charles Mhango said the DPP has received complaints that Nankhumwa breached the party’s Constitution.

According to the letter, Nankhumwa imposed himself as Leader of Opposition in Parliament, defying the directive of Mutharika who chose George Chaponda for the role.

Mutharika, who is also former President of Malawi, appointed Nankhumwa as DPP Chief Whip in Parliament but Nankhumwa refused to take up the post.

“When the president told you that he had chosen Honorable George Chaponda as Leader of Opposition, and you as Chief Whip you refused and sent him a “Bye” message,” reads part of the letter.

Before Mutharika could announce his decision, Nankhumwa communicated to the Speaker of Parliament that he had been chosen as Leader of Opposition.

Nankhumwa is also accused of misleading the party president and plotting a revolt.

According to the letter, Nankhumwa told Mutharika that DPP Members of Parliament would revolt against the party leader if Mutharika removed him (Nankhumwa) as Leader of Opposition.

Before the DPP lost power in the 2020 Presidential Elections, Nankhumwa was Leader of Government Business in Parliament. He also served as a cabinet minister in the Mutharika administration.

Nankhumwa has since confirmed to the local media that he will face the disciplinary committee on Friday.

Since the DPP and Mutharika lost power in June, cracks have widened in the party as senior members look to replace Mutharika on the position of President. The party announced earlier this month that it will hold a convention later this year.




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