Police confident of improved services

A Police chief in the Central East Region of Police says the creation of more police regions will improve the quality of services which the law enforcers provide.

The police commissioner, Happy Mkandawire, said this on Tuesday September 15, 2020 during a familiarization tour at Mponela Police Station.

In his speech, he emphasized that the new set-up will create a sizable and at the same time a manageable working area which will foster effectiveness when discharging police duties.

“These new police regions will help in ensuring better and effective management. Before this arrangement, the central region had 15 police stations and numerous lower formations a situation that could compromise efficiency.

“But with this strategy, supervision will be enhanced thereby contributing a positive impact in quality of service,” said Mkandawire.

He then advised police officers to desist from corrupt practices which he said is a hindrance to the justice system.

In his remarks, the officer In-charge for Mponela Police Station Clement Gulo, who is also Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police (SACP) commended the good working relationship that is there between police and community members in Mponela.

He highlighted some good structures at its police units at Nambuma, Mtengowanthenga, Madisi and Mbingwa which is currently under construction which he said are initiatives being championed by communities themselves.