Asian business community pledges to support Tonse Government


Asian Business Community (ABC) says it is excited over the reforms being championed by President Lazarus Chakwera’s administration and the grouping is ready to work with the administration.

ABC Mzuzu chapter chairperson Ash Rashid Bano said they support all the reforms and measures being taken to improve the lives of fellow Malawians.

“So let’s give our Government a chance. We chose them as leaders and it is time to let them lead us. To see a better Malawi, lets join hands and be supportive,” he said.

He added that members of the community of Malawians of Asian origin are also committed to making Malawi a better place for future generations and want to work together with all people.

“Time and again we have said let us work together and discuss ideas, rather than personalities. We are Malawians, our grand grandfathers came to Malawi in the 18th century and they are buried her, and we shall also be buried here.

“Let us make Malawi a better place for our future generations, the foundation we lay today will determine our country’s future tomorrow, so instead of blaming each other for the problems, let us discuss solutions,” said Bano.

The Asian Business Community engages in charity works such as helping people during floods and recently the group renovated COVID-19 Isolation centers within Mzuzu.




  1. Well spoken and let them live the talk. Problem has been most under carpet deals involve an Indian origin Malawian and most times it is a Malawian origin Malawi who faces the law leaving and Indian free ! Within your group furnish information to police to help country curb this problem do not cover each other.

  2. Ayi Amwenyewa ndiye problem mu Malawi. Asatipusitse ndi ochepa kwambiri omwe amalifunira dziko la Malawi zabwino, the rest are just there for money.

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