Bushiri hacked my account – alleges South African prophet


A prophet in South Africa says his social media accounts were hacked in the past weeks allegedly by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri to delete incriminating posts and videos against Major 1.

President of the Church Mandate Turn Around Movement, Prophet Mboro Motsoeneng, has made the claims in a statement.

“Some of the videos where I spoke of Bushiri got deleted off our official Facebook. Clearly this is yet another attack from Bushiri and his hackers,” he said.

Mboro also claimed that the Malawian prophet has been spreading fake stories about him and creating fake social media accounts to tarnish his image.

Mboro has recently been accusing Bushiri of robbing poor people through Forex and Commodity Trading scam after a woman claimed that she lost R130 000 which she invested in the scam.

The woman, Felicia Sibeko, last week approached Mboro for help and the prophet assisted her.

Pastor Mboro

In reaction to this, Bushiri’s legal team has taken legal action against Mboro but the South African prophet has vowed that he will not be intimidated.

According to Mboro, he will continue speaking the truth and represent the victim of Bushiri’s Forex and Commodity Trading scam.  He added that many innocent South Africans have lost money to the scam and got nothing in return.

“The scam has left many hungry, depressed and homes wrecked due the financial loss.

“The Church Mandate is here to stay and will not be silenced. My legal team is handling the matter. They are also handling the lawsuit against Bushiri which the poor people he robbed will be legally represented,” said Mboro.