Uladi Mussa wants voting to be compulsory


Former ruling Democratic Progressive Party Vice President for the Central Region Uladi Mussa has called on Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to make voting compulsory.

The self-styled Chenjigolo said this on Friday at a National Election Consultative Forum (NECOF) the commission organized on Friday in Lilongwe.

He made these remarks while reacting to revelations of worrying voter apathy trends that the country has been experiencing since the dawn of democracy.

“It will help people to have MPs, councilors and presidents accepted by all because this voter apathy too has contributed to some undeserved people winning elections,” said Mussa.

He described voting compulsory as the only way to eradicate voter apathy and one of the strong tenets of democracy noting because the former is a civic duty.

In the 23 June court sanctioned presidential elections, over two million registered voters did not show up at polling stations and the voter turnout was pegged at just 64.81%.

Earlier on at the NECOF, MEC Chairperson Chifundo Kachale had described most of the null and void votes in the 23 June polls as a protest by disgruntled people.

Kachale said the conclusion was made because of despicable words voters marked on the ballot papers.