Man hacks teacher at school over affair with wife


A man who recently returned from South Africa has hacked a deputy headteacher at a school in Dedza over claims that the teacher was in an affair with the man’s wife.

Dedza police station deputy publicist Cassim Manda said the incident happened earlier this week at Kalira primary school.

He identified the deputy headteacher as Owen Kalolo aged 29 and the attacker as Sitivero John aged 35.

According to Manda, John and Kalolo have been friends for about six years now. Over the past few years, John was in South Africa but the family friendship with his wife continued.

Dedza Police PRO Manda at the school where he assured students of safety

A few months ago, Kalolo was offered a piece of land by John’s wife for him to cultivate, something that did not please other family members who grew speculations that the two were having an affair.

Upon arrival this year, John initiated a probe into the allegations but waited until schools reopened to hack Kalolo right at the school premises although he had not found any evidence.

Meanwhile, Police are currently hunting for John and have deployed officers at the school to ensure teachers’ safety since John warned he would continue with the attacks.

Sitivero John aged 35 hails from Kanyera village in the area of traditional authority Kachindamoto both in Dedza district.