Area 18 win case for drinking faeces water

The High Court has awarded damages to Area 18 residents who drank water contaminated with faeces.

Judge Kenyatta Nyirenda delivered the ruling in court on Wednesday.

In 2017, the Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) supplied contaminated water to residents of Area 18 after the board’s supply pipes burst underground near a broken sewer system allowing the sewer water to go into the supply pipe.

The residents led by Leonard Kalonga sued LWB (2nd defendant), Malawi Housing Corporation (third defendant) and Lilongwe City Council (first defendant).

They demanded compensation for damages suffered as a result of their violation of consumer rights.

In his ruling, Nyirenda said the Lilongwe Council and MHC breached the statutory duty placed on them under the Consumer Protection Act, the Public Health Act,Local Government Act and Malawi Housing Corporation Act.

He noted that the claimants suffered damages as a result.

“The claimants have succeeded in their claim against the 1st defendant and the 3rd defendant for damages and costs for this action.

“I accordingly enter judgement in favour of the claimants and order that the collateral issue of assessment of damages be dealt with by the Registrar,” said Nyirenda.