Chakwera caught pants down

…Laz fails to mention investors and amount for MP houses

President Lazarus Chakwera on Thursday failed to name investors who will construct houses for Members of Parliament (MPs) or the amount of money which will be used.

Chakwera today went to Parliament where he responded to questions from legislators.

Asked to identify the investor for the housing project and the amount of money to be used, Chakwera said the issue is just a proposal and an investor is yet to be identified.

He however said that government will save a lot of money through the project.

The Malawi leader said legislators receive houses allowances but no single member has forfeited such allowances to their constituents.

“My proposal will cost the Malawian taxpayer nothing and save the taxpayer billions in the long run. So I am amazed there are members here who believe it would be better to keep costing the taxpayer billions and saving the taxpayer nothing,” said Chakwera.

He added that the proposal to build houses for Members of Parliament does not mean that his government will not resolve the housing challenges faced by teachers, police officers, health workers and other civil servants.

After Chakwera introduced the housing proposal last week, social commentators questioned the government’s priorities saying there are more important issues requiring funding.