CDEDI accuses IG Kainja of torturing police officers


The Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) has written authorities to suspend confirmation of the acting Inspector General of police Dr George Kainja, saying he is torturing fellow police officers through arbitrary transfers.

This is according to CDEDI’s letter seen by this publication, dated September 8 and signed by CDEDI Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa. The letter has been addressed to Kainja and copied to the Chairperson of the Public Appointments Committee of the Malawi.

CDEDI says it is concerned that Dr Kainja has unlawfully effected so many transfers of very Senior Police Officers which the organisation says is contrary to Section 43 of the constitution of the country.

It is reported that within a space of less than 14 days, some senior police officers have been moved to smaller sections than the ones they were occupying and in some cases, they have been transferred and moved from Area 30 to districts and rural areas.

The officers include Commissioner Tedious Samveka, Deputy Commissioner Wandale, Deputy Commissioner Richard Luhanga, Deputy Commissioner Stain Chaima, Deputy Commissioner Noel Kayira, Assistant Commissioner Gerald Chiwanda, Assistant Commissioner Isaac Norman, Assistant Commissioner Chisale, Assistant Commissioner Nthenda, Assistant Commissioner Somanje, Assistant Commissioner Mrs Mkwamba, Assistant Commissioner Chafikana, Assistant Commissioner Chikhungu.


CDEDI has demanded Chairperson of Public Appointments Committee of the Malawi National Assembly to suspend confirmation of Dr Kainja as Inspector General of police.

The organization has given Kainja seven-day ultimatum to respond to the letter and explain to the nation his commitment to the police reforms as championed by the new Government of President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera.

According to CDEDI, it is aware that transfers and change of operation directives of Malawi police are supposed to come from the High Command of the Malawi Police Service and not from the IG alone especially on decisions affecting Police Officers from the rank of Inspector and above.

“Under these circumstances, CDEDI is urging your office to pend the transfers and Movements until your office complies with the Constitution of Malawi, the Police Act and rules of natural justice.

“In the circumstances, we are asking the Malawi Parliament through the Public Appointments Committee (PAC) as copied in this letter to pend your confirmation as per section 154 (2) of the Constitution of Malawi until this matter of abusing and torturing Senior Police Officers is resolved by your office,” writes CDEDI.

Furthermore, CDEDI has requested that the acting IG should immediately engage the affected officers and should always make sure that all Police Officers in Malawi are treated within the organisation by promoting their humanity and dignity.

The organization has also warned that it will be exploring other legal remedies under the Constitution of Malawi and relevant laws of Malawi in case this matter is not resolved by offices the letter has been sent to.