Traditional healers asked to work within the law


In a drive to combat mob justice that results from witchcraft accusations, Police in Rumphi on Saturday engaged traditional healers at Mhuju in the district.

Speaking at the meeting, Rumphi Police Station Officer in charge Edward Chingaipe, a deputy commissioner of police, said he is worried with an alarming statistic of killing people and vandalism of property as a result of witchcraft accusations.

“Several innocent people have been displaced, others have lost life and property torched, a situation which is pathetic,” said Chingaipe.

He challenged traditional healers to act within the law, saying they will be prosecuted if they incite violence.

Participants were also civic educated on sections enshrined in the Witchcraft Act and told that witch-finding and trails by ordeal are prohibited by law.

District coordinator for traditional healers Jeyeka Mbale emphasized on the need to establish traditional healers’ committee that guides conduct of its members to avoid bringing confusions in the area.

Chief Mwahenga concurred with Mbale and instructed registration of all traditional healers in his area. He further assured police of support in combating crime.