Commentators say exam calendar favours privileged students

Mthunthama primary school

Commentators have argued that students from privileged families have an advantage in the impending exams.

Schools have opened today only for classes that are due to sit for exams, after a five-month Covid-19 break. The previous DPP-led regime closed education institutions abruptly on March 20 to curb further spread of Coronavirus.

Standard 8 learners are expected to sit for Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education examinations starting on September 28, which will be less than month from the date of reopening.

Commenting on the reopening of the schools, Malawians believe that it will be hard for students from poor families to perform well in the exams because they were not provided with learning tools during the break.

“We did not provide tools for the poorest of the kids to learn in remote areas, we expect them to do well. Mabwana ana awo amapanga part time (Kids from rich families were attending part time classes). Kodi chimakhala chani mukapeza bwino kuiwala komwe timachokela reality (why do people forget their humble beginnings when they succeed?”

“Komwe timachokera kulibe magetsi (where we come from we do not have access to electricity) part time or online learning. Give these kids enough time, like two months the time table should be six days, one subject,” reads Kondwani Bell Munthali`s view in part.

The closure of schools rendered academic activities less important among other students due to uncertainty on resumption of classes.