Robbers steal Jesus in Mangochi

Jesus Christ has been literally stolen from a Church in Mangochi.
Robbers on Sunday 30 August broke into a Church in the Eastern region of Mangochi district and went away with Jesus, among other valuables.
According to a letter that is circulating signed by the episcopal head of the Catholic Church in Mangochi Diocese, Montfort Sitima, the robbers tied guards before breaking into the Church premises.
“Once inside, they stole money, computers and they ransacked the tabernacle where the holy Eucharist is stored, we do not know what they are going to do with it or where they have taken it to,” laments Sitima.
In the Christian faith, the holy Eucharist represents the body of Christ; thus the robbers in stealing the Eucharist they have stolen the body of Christ, a thing which has defined the message of Sitima’s letter which has raised eyebrows among Malawians especially in its claim that Jesus has been stolen.
Meanwhile Sitima has indicated that they have reported to Police the incident and has asked on faithfuls to help in prayer for the arrest and prosecution of the robbers.


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