Mussa says disagreements in DPP have reached ‘intensive care proportions’

Former Minister Henry Mussa says disagreements in the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) have reached dangerous levels and, if left uncontrolled, can be a recipe for destruction of the party.

The politician who is a senior member of the DPP made the remarks in a letter dated 29 August and addressed to acting secretary general Chimwemwe Chipungu and party leader Peter Mutharika.

Mussa described the divisions as factionalism which he said is being manifested through political civil wars being waged in the party on almost daily basis.

He said these divisions have reached “intensive care proportions” and have created fertile ground for demonic culture of gossip, reputation ravaging smear and counter–smear campaigns, negatively unfair labeling and general aura of mistrust in the Party resulting in suppression of otherwise positive pinions.

“Sound opinions which would have helped in the rebuilding process of the Party are being suppressed for fear of being labeled as a sympathizer of a particular section and therefore risk political ostracism or smearing,” he said.

Mussa further said that some sections of the DPP seem to have acquired special expertise in “destructive gossiping” aimed at solely alienating others from the top leadership of the party and in the process blocking the top leadership from objective and realistic “Aerial view’’ of the Political happenings on the ground.

“If over-played and left unregulated, uncontrolled factionalism can as well be recipe for destruction of the Party,” Mussa said.

He then urged the leadership of the Party to take up a bold but unifying stance by formulating working strategies for ending intra-Party destructive factionalism without necessarily killing the democratic spirit of aspiring for positions within the Party.

He also urged the party to cultivate the culture and spirit of continuous neutral and candid engagement by creating systems for reaching out to members and allowing members to present their ideas or concerns.

In the letter, Mussa also told the DPP that he will not take up the position of deputy spokesperson to which he was appointed last month.

He, however, declared his continued loyalty to the DPP and Mutharika who lost power in the June Presidential Elections.


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  1. Henry well observed surely everyone saw what you are saying long time ago. The real Problem is that APM is the main patron of such gossiping he tolerates it. He leadership Style or lack of good leadership skills is the single biggest issue with DPP . We all know that apart from wearing the ‘Mutharika’ associated with Bingu he has nothing !

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