Khuda Muyaba launches scathing attack on Esau Kanyenda

Khuda Muyaba is at it again, this time around launching a scathing attack on Esau Kanyenda who facilitated his move to Polokwane City from Silver Strikers.

Muyaba, who is known to be controversial, labelled Kanyenda ‘an enemy of progress’, claiming he bad-mouthed him to head coach Clinton Larsen thereby denying him his opportunity to receive his signing-on-fee.

The former Central Bankers attacker, who won the Super League golden boot award after scoring 21 goals before completing his move to the South African side, has been sidelined by Larsen ever since he joined the club.

Khuda Muyaba
Khuda Muyaba while at Silver Strikers

As people were wondering as to why the golden boot winner could find himself rotting on the bench when his team is fighting relegation, Muyaba spilled the beans on his official Facebook account by ripping into Kanyenda.

“Esau Kanyenda ndi munthu oyipa ndikuvutika kuno chifukwa cha iyeyu. Anandibweretsa kuno koma kundiyikanso m’mavuto chifukwa chani? Ndakwiya naye ndipo ndibwenza Esau Kanyenda, tiona (Esau Kanyenda is a very wicked person. I am struggling here because of him. He brought me here but why is he making me suffer? I am very angry with Kanyenda and I will pay back, we shall see),” he said in his Facebook post.

Muyaba further blamed the former Flames forward as the reason he (Muyaba) has not received his signing-on fee.

“Simunandipatse signing on fee ndipo ndakufunsani mwati chifukwa sindikusewera masewera, Esau, nchifukwa chani ukunama? Sungandipondereze ayi (You didn’t give me my signing-on fee and when asked, you said it’s because I haven’t played any game, why would you do this? You won’t get away with this),” he said.

But reacting to the news, Kanyenda told Malawi24 that he would never mistreat someone whom he helped to join Polokwane City.

“Why would I interfere with the club’s player selection? I have never talked to Larsen and I am residing in the United Kingdom. He is talking about signing-on fee, ask Dennis Chembezi if at all he received his signing-on fee from the club. If there is a person who deserves signing on fee then its Chembezi because he is playing regularly,” said Kanyenda.

And when contacted by this publication, Chembezi said:

“It’s true, I haven’t received my signing on fee here,” he said.

Muyaba is not new to Facebook spats as he is fond of expressing his anger through the social media.

Prior to his move to the Central Bankers from Moyale Barracks in 2018, Muyaba blasted his former employers, Malawi Defence Force, for an alleged mistreatment when he was denied an opportunity to join a Mozambican club.

He also announced his resignation from the military using his Facebook account before being fired by the Malawi Defence Force (MDF).

In the same year, he announced his retirement from the national team without even kicking the ball, accusing the then Technical Panel of not appreciating his talent.