Chakwera updates Presidential Seal: Leaves the coat of arms


President Lazarus Chakwera’s administration has redesigned the Malawi presidential seal but has maintained the coat of arms.

The new presidential seal was noticeable on Tuesday when the Malawi leader addressed Malawians from Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe.

The previous seal was in the shape of a rectangle with the figure of a lion emblazoned in the middle and the word ‘Malawi’ below the lion.

Chakwera using the old seal

In the new seal, the lion and word ‘Malawi’ have been maintained but the seal is circular in shape and has the words State President at the top and at the bottom.

Film Director Shemu Joya, while stating that he likes the new seal on the Presidential podium, said there is something wrong with words State President.

“The lower words “State President” are upside down. You need to stand on your head to read them properly, but then the top words become upside down!!” wrote Joyah in a Facebook post.

He later commented that a professional designer also noticed the same error during the creation of the seal and was assured that it will be corrected.

Some Malawians, however, noted that it looks similar to the seal for the President of the United States.

Malawi also has a coat of arms which has been maintained by the Chakwera administration.

Chakwera became president of Malawi in June this year after defeating former Malawi leader Peter Mutharika in the 2020 presidential elections.