Residents protest plans to turn ground into estate

Mulanje residents on Monday held protests against plans by Chitakale Plantations Limited owned by Mulli Brothers Limited to turn a football ground into an estate.

The demonstrations by residents led to running battles between residents and police over the ground

According to reports, the land is owned by Chitakale Plantations Limited but is currently used by residents as a football ground.

When the residents started protesting against the move, the police fired teargas in a bid to disperse the protesters. The residents responded by pelting stones at the law enforcers.

Police in Mulanje were yet to comment on the issue.

Speaking to the local media, Mulli Brothers Limited Managing Director Leston Mulli said the protests were organized and promoted by crooks. He added that the aim is to damage the relationship between Chitakale Plantations Limited and the residents.


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  1. Economical value + returns on investment of Housing estate >= Football ground. Whereas football ground can always be found by community somewhere on government land, The violence must stop though.

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