Namadingo going back to school

Musician of the moment Patience Namadingo has said he is planning to join the University of Malawi to study music as a way of complementing his talent.

Writing on his Facebook page, Namadingo said he believes he can achieve more if his talent is combined with school. In this regard he is targeting Arts studies majoring in music, a program which is offered by Chancellor College of the University of Malawi.

“I have come to learn that talent can get you to certain tables that school may not, at the same time there are certain tables you cannot seat without a level of school. With talent you can only achieve so much but to it adding some school you can achieve so much more,” reads the post in part.

The singer added that he wants to pursue the said course so that he will be better placed to teach others.

Some of Namadingo`s followers have supported his academic aspirations but some question the way in which he wants to join the institution of higher learning. Others believe the musician wants to be offered space at the University out of mercy.

The Blantyre based artist has said he will be sending his application to the university in the near future. Since the dissolution of University entrance exams in 2016, university selection is based on MSCE/its equivalent grades.

The minimum qualification must have been acquired 2 years prior to the application else it loses validity.