MP Salim Bagus leaves DPP


Member of Parliament (MP) for Chikwawa Central Constituency Salim Bagus has dumped the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), saying his constituents want development.

Bagus who was Minister of Trade in the DPP administration won his seat in 2019 on an independent ticket and later joined the DPP.

He told the local media that he cannot rule out a move to UTM or Malawi Congress Party which are part of the ruling Tonse Alliance.

“I cannot rule out joining any political party in the near future but I will be going to parliament as an independent Member of Parliament. You will recall that I won the Chikwawa Central parliamentary seat as an independent candidate,” he said.

Bagus was a DPP member in 2016 but he dumped the party to join MCP in 2017. He rejoined the DPP in 2018. In the 2019 elections he stood on an independent ticket and later joined the then ruling DPP.

Bagus on Sunday defended his habit of dumping political parties saying people in his constituency want development.

“What the people of Chikwawa Central want is development. This is why they reelected me after a long break in parliament. This is absolutely good for the people of Chikwawa Central Constituency,” he said.